Installation and Updates


  1. Go to the program website to the Download and click Download AzureLabel.

  2. After downloading the AzureLabel14_setup.exe installation file, press [Ctrl]+[J] to open the list of downloaded files, find the AzureLabel14_setup.exe file and click on it to run.

  3. After starting the installation file, the security window will open. Click Yes.

  4. Select installation language from the drop-down list and click OK.

  5. Select the installation option Easy Install and click Next.

  6. Select the modules to install and click Install.

Installation features for network mode

Network mode is available when using a Corporate license or during the trial period.

Installing the program: Server

  1. Select installation option Easy Install.

  2. After installing the program, make the settings in accordance with the Server (the computer on which the database is located) section.

Installing the program: Client

  1. Select installation option Custom Install.

  2. In the Settings of work with database window, clear the checkbox.

  3. After installing the program, make the settings in accordance with the Client (the program that connects to the server) section.


An update we will call a program update if the major number in the version does not change. For example, from version 14.1 to 14.2, the number 14 is the major number and it does not change.
If the major number changes, then this is an upgrade of the program, for example, from version 12 to version 14.
You can read how to upgrade in the Migration from previous versions section.

Run the program and wait about 5 seconds to check for updates. If the program detects an update, then it will download it and then offer to install it - agree. This will only work if the Check for Application Updates in the Other section is setted in the program settings.
To manually check for updates, go to Menu > Help > Check for Updates.