Printing labels

You can print labels directly from the program, or from another program or website using the API. For how to use the API see Integration Guide.

Next, we will describe how to print labels directly from the program.

Two typical options for printing labels:

  1. Using an external data source, such as an Excel file or a database.
  2. Using the product catalog of the program: the built-in database in which you can store information about all your products.

To print labels:

  1. Click Label Printing.

  2. Add the products for which labels will be printed in the Product List.

    You can add products to the list in the following ways:

    1. Through import. if you are using an external data source such as an Excel file or database.
      To add items via import, click 1 Import. How to import data, see Importing Data.
    2. From the product catalog. To add products from the catalog, click:
      • 2 Add from catalog. In the product catalog window that opens, select the desired products or product folders, and click Add marked products to the Print Data
      • 3 Add from catalog by barcode. Scan barcodes and products found by these barcodes will be added to the list.
    3. Manually. For manual addition, click the 4 + button, an empty string will be added to the list, then fill in the required parameters (product name, price, etc.)
    4. Adding rows by scanning barcodes or entering them manually. The added rows will contain the scanned barcode in the Barcode field. Open the context menu of the list of products with the right-click and select the item Add row with a barcode.
  3. Select the required products for which you want to print labels 1 , and set the number of labels for each product in the column Number of labels to print 2 .
    You can also change the parameters of the goods, for example, the price.

  4. Choose a template to use when printing labels.

    If the template you need is not in the list, create a new one or modify the existing one. How to do this is described in the Creating a label template section.

  5. Click 1 Preview and Print to preview the labels before printing and see the print settings, or click 2 Print to print labels immediately.

    To save labels in a PDF, Excel file or as PNG images select in the preview window the appropriate printer built into the program.

You can save print data using the Save button. When you later open the program, print data will be restored.

Printing product bundles

You can add product bundles to the product list in one of the following ways:

  1. Form product bundles from the products in the product list.
  2. Import product bundles.
  3. Add product bundles from the product catalog.

These methods of adding product bundles will be described below.

In the list of products, each product bundle will look like a set of related products, where the main product is located first and marked with the bundle icon larger than the others.

To print product bundles, label templates are used, which can display the data of the items in the bundle. For example, the "Bundle" template from the templates supplied with the program.

Methods for adding product bundles

Formation of product bundles from the products in the product list

  1. Select the products you want to put in the bundle.
  2. Right-click and select Create a bundle of products.
  3. Choose the option for the main product in the bundle Use current product from selected products.
  4. This will result in a bundle of products where the main product is located first and marked with the bundle icon larger than the others.

To unlink products with bundle:

  1. Select any product from the bundle or all.
  2. Right-click and select Unlink products with bundle.

Adding product bundles from the product catalog

Click Add from Catalog and add ready bundles of products.