Free label creation and printing.
Plus advanced Pro features.

AzureLabel is a free and easy-to-use label creation and printing software.
Barcode generator, data from Excel and other sources on your labels, save labels in PDF/image format, automatic printing, REST API and much more.
Easily expands to Pro capabilities if the free ones are not enough.


Convert data from an Excel spreadsheet or other sources into individual labels

Print labels with data taken from data sources such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, SQLite, and more.
It is enough to create a label design once and then print labels with different information without changing the label design.
Use your own various parameters such as product names, descriptions, prices, serial numbers and others.

AzureLabel supports following data sources:

  • Spreadsheets: Excel, ODF (OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc.)
  • Google sheets
  • Text files with delimiters: CSV
  • SQLite databases
  • Any data source via ODBC: SQL Server, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • POS systems: EposNow, QuickBooks POS, Loyverse POS
  • Clipboard
  • JSON files
  • PDF files with barcodes
  • Any data source over HTTP as long as the data source has an HTTP API. Data extraction and user interactions are writing in JavaScript or Pascal script, which provides very flexible possibilities


Generate and print UPCs, QR Codes and many other barcodes

AzureLabel supports over 70 barcode types: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Data Matrix, Code 39, Code 128, EAN-128, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec, and many others.

The program has a flexible barcode generator and GS1 support in barcodes.

You can even change the type of barcode "on the fly" according to specified conditions during printing.


Save labels to PDF or as images

Work anywhere. Our software allows you to save labels to PDF, or as PNG, JPEG, EMF, BMP images for print it elsewhere, if you do not have a printer at your workplace or if it gets faulty.


Store your product data with our built-in, simple product management (PIM) system

You don’t need additional software to store your products if simple features are enough for you, such as saving products and their parameters (name, description, price, barcodes, etc.) in the program’s built-in database.

Print your labels with ease.

Automate label printing. Integrate label printing with your business system

AzureLabel easily integrates with other programs and business systems. To automate label printing, you can use:

  • Batch printing. Update the data in your Excel file (or other file format) or place your files in a special folder and the program will automatically print labels using the data from these files.
  • Running the program as a REST API server with the ability to interact with the user through a graphical interface.
  • Command line.
  • Clipboard.
  • Automation module, which contains REST API server and file trigger. The module runs as a Windows service.


Print labels from POS systems

The program has built-in integration with POS systems EposNow, QuickBooks POS, Loyverse POS.


Reprint printed labels at any time

AzureLabel stores the entire print history allows you to view the print history in detail and reprint any job in the history.



A metatemplate is a template that does not display anything, but contains instructions on which label templates to print, in what quantity, with what data, and to which printers.
By clicking on print metatemplate, you send multiple label templates to print according to your own rules.
For example, for each item in the product list, the required number of product labels will be printed, and then a label for the box.
You can define rules using the metatemplate rule builder or using JavaScript to define completely custom rules.


Join our 11,000 users using the program around the world

AzureLabel has been in development for more than 10 years and we have extensive experience in developing programs for printing labels. New features are constantly being added to the program and we take into account the wishes of our clients.
AzureLabel covers virtually any business need - from easy-to-use label design and printing to fully automated, high-load label printing.
Our principle is customer satisfaction and we try to provide the fastest possible support to our customers.

Use AzureLabel to print your own labels in minutes.

Use for free

Use AzureLabel for free to print your labels today. Or start 30-day free trial if you need Pro features. Free, no risk, no credit card.


3000 self-adhesive label designs

Print on self-adhesive sheet labels in any position on the sheet. AzureLabel comes pre-installed with 3,000 self-adhesive label designs: Apli, Avery, Herma, Lomond, and others.


Print different label designs at the same time

Print multiple different label designs with different data to different printers with the click of a button.


Scaling when printing

Use just one label design to print labels in different sizes and positions on the sheet.


The magic of formulas and JavaScript

Apply formulas for various operations on your data and bring your dates and numbers in labels to the desired form. Instead of using formulas, you can use the power of JavaScript to display your data in labels, when loading data, and in Tasks.


Text of any complexity

AzureLabel allows you to display full text in labels, regardless of text length. The font size will be automatically adjusted to fit the text in the available space.


Images obtained dynamically

Use images in your labels that will be obtained from your disk or from the Internet at the time of printing the labels.
You can also store static background images in your label design.


Generating serial numbers

Add a unique number to each label or group of labels.
AzureLabel allows you to use different serial numbers generated during the printing process on your labels. Increased, decreased, for each label, for a group of labels, for each row of data.



Use variables and data fields in label design to dynamically change the information in your labels.


Conditional visibility

Create one label design and use it to print different looking labels depending on your conditions. For example, if you have a promotion on some products, then for such products the labels will additionally display information about the promotion and the discounted price.


Print to thermal printers or any other printers

AzureLabel supports printing to thermal printers, full-color inkjet and laser printers, and any other printers installed on your system.


Dynamic positioning of elements on labels

Connect the elements together. Then, when the size of one element changes, for example when the amount of text changes, the element associated with it will change its position. For example, when the number of digits in the price in dollars changes, the cents will change their position accordingly.

Our customers love AzureLabel

Great customization and data input and fetch options. However, the one option I hope was there is to filter a single or range of labels to print. Overall best label designer and printer.


star star star star star
I have been a reseller of POS systems for more than 15 years. I stumbled upon AzureLabel last year and i could not be happier with the discovery. The software alone is extremely well thought out and very functional, add the amazing price point and we what we have is a label solution that we now promote to all our customers. The support is amazing so I have no issues in recommending this product to anyone looking at a label solution.

George Dib

Uniwell POS Australia
star star star star star
Having used other produces and tested several others, Azure Label is proving to be a great solution. The best part is the responsiveness of support. The software has a clean appearance, familiar layout, and lots of flexibility.

Martin McNally

star star star star star
After scouring the internet for an application flexible enough to do the very simple tasks we need here, we finally found AzureLabel. Thank you!


star star star star star
The built-in database system is perfect for my needs as a small business. I can use csv files to sync my catalog information to my barcodes easily. The templating engine works great too.


Blue Peak Creative
star star star star star
Super efficient! Great upgrade for our stores!


Centre de Musique Victor
star star star star star


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